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Last updated: October 2, 2006 4:50 PM (CST)

My Aliens Props Collection
My Aliens Odd Prop Collection
Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.
Last year (2003) I picked up one of Phil's Carter Burke business cards and it's really nice.
Looks just like the movie version as far as I can tell.
This is the movie version...

This is the replica.

May 2004: I also picked up a set of Grenade box labels to modify my green plastic 12ga shotgun shell box to
look like the grenade box from the film. Should be an easy modification and a
inexpensive replica of the screen used prop.

All assembled...

I also scored a pair of movie accurate 'hero' grenades, with removeable cap and spring
loaded plunger. Pretty sweet!

July 2004: And in the same vein I also scored a set of 10 grenades that are about 10% smaller
in size to allow them to function in the Maruzen M870 airsoft shotgun. They too are
sweet. All the grenades are hand turned solid Aluminium.

Mmmmm... Grenades...

On the far left are some Maruzen M870 shotgun shells. Next to that are 2 rows of AL grenades
made by OB1Kenny, designed to cycle through the Maruzen M870. Next to that an inaccurate
mystery grenade, and at the bottom of the last row are my 2 Tommin hero Grenades, followed
by some mystery resin grenades of almost the same size.

APRIL 2004: Picked up a set of 98-99% screen accurate BDUs made by MAA (Man At Arms).
Pretty decent quality and they look better than 'ol woodland camo does.
The screen used BDUs were a unique pattern known as 'Frog and leaf' I believe.
This pattern of BDU is not currently in use by any nation on the planet.

Decked out in my Sparmor and MAA's 98% screen accurate BDUs. Decked out in my Sparmor and MAA's 98% screen accurate BDUs. Ready for action!

Decked out in MAA's 98% screen accurate BDUs. Aren't they pretty?

September 2006:I sold my MAA first Pattern BDUs in 2005, and ordered a set of 2nd Pattern
which is less brown and more accurate to the screen used ones. I got the jacket first, and there
was a sizing mixup, and finally received the trousers in July of 2006. These are the 100% Cotton version.
I still want to get a set of the Nylon (Poly-Cotton) Ripstop variety. I'm very pleased with these
BDUs and wouldn't hesitate to recomment them to an Aliens fan.

I finally got my Velcro attached ($41 worth of seamstress work!) and finally made my name tapes
(October 1st, 2006!) as well.

What's parked in YOUR driveway? ^_^

Nothing more to say.?

The USCM hat was made by Spat at the Spatcave. It's not movie accurate,
but it fits the theme and is comfortable. And I don't know if he has any left, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Well worth it in my opinion. This hat was only one of four made for DragonCon 2006. Spat and his friend Tony
each had one, and Dave (DSW777) and I bought the last two as we were each short a marine helmet at DragonCon.

Aside from that I don't have any other odd bits right now.
Nope, no full size aliens either. Not yet anyway...

So what's next? Things to do...

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