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My Aliens Armor
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I last updated this in 2004, so I figured I was due foor an update. Sold this set of armor in
2008 to pay off Sheila's college loans. Bought a set of fiberglass armor from MAA in 2009.
Haven't built it yet. kept the helmet and added an accurate fabric cover. Also modded the helmet
with a wireless video camera. It works pretty well, but haven't really done anything with it.

That's about it!

I purchased this armor from Chris Williams over a year ago (2001?). It was made for him
by a guy named Spat and is the most movie accurate armor available except for the
metal armor made by Terry English, who made them for the movie. Chris also painted the screen
accurate (or at least really damn close) paint job. Some custom detailing I did myself.

This armor is vaccuformed styrene plastic and is quite durable and comfortable to wear.
I wore it at work for Halloween in 2002 and wore it for 8 hours with no problems at all.

First photos. Before I got the new BDUs. Like the blaze white socks? That's gotta be marine issue. ^_^
Decked out in my Sparmor and MAA's 98% screen accurate BDUs. Decked out in my Sparmor and MAA's 98% screen accurate BDUs. Ready for action!

The knife strapped to the upper left shoulder is a rubber replica of the M9 Phrobus bayonet,
Same knife used on the M16 rifles. It was also featured in the Aliens vs. Predator
computer game, so I figured it was fair game and reasonably accurate.

The green hip pouches are military surplus. One of them is at least from the Korean War era.
The smaller of the two pouches can hold 2 standard Pulse Rifle Mags (20 round real steel mags),
while the other pouch can hold 3-4 long mags (30 round real steel size).

The small pouch was OD green, but had weathered so it was showing white on the main edges.
The larger pouch was actually tan in color. I used a can of Flat OD Krylon spray paint to
color them, and then gave the final product some touch ups with Flat Black. In the
pictures they look brighter than they really are.

Some detail shots...

You Masamune Shirow fans will get the in-joke here... missed me!

That's actually a .22 cal bullet hole in the back of the helmet!
The shot hit square enough to penetrate both the steel helm AND the
fiberglass liner! Kind of makes me glad I didn't wear one of these
in Korea...

This End Up

A little shin guard humor...

The shin guards are kept in place with the straps and buckles, but what really
keeps them in place are a set of fuzzy velcro boot cuffs that circle the tops of my boots.
On the inside of the shin guard, at the bottom, is some hook velcro that grabs the boot
cuffs, keeping that armor in place. Nothing short of a nuclear blast will get those off!

USCM Colonial Marines shoulder patch...
USS Sulaco shoulder patch... The Acid Burns on the shoulder are from an Alien... soldering iron. Never mess with alien power tools.

So what's next? Things to do...

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