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Last updated: December 4, 2004 4:56 PM (CST)

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Dropship Pilot's Helmet

My SPH-4 Dropship pilot helmet. The graffiti is an in joke. The Rook chess piece only goes in strait lines on a game board. Plus, I have a tendency to 'tell it like it is' in reality, and on the airsoft field I was known for making seemingly impossible shots. Ah, good times.

Took me a month to realize I misspelled "straight." Doh! Painted over the graffiti for now.

Picked up this all original SPH-4 helicopter pilots helmet on eBay. For some reason
the prices on these damn things has shot through the roof. I paid WAY more than I wanted too
only to have someone tell me later that they scored a brand new one a month earlier for $15.
Oh well. I replaced the visor cover that this one came with, with another one bought
on eBay. The replacement one is a MUCH harder plastic than the one that was on the helmet.
The visor now moves up and down smoother as well. Go figure. I repainted the visor OD Green as well,
which is why it looks almost grey when the flash hits it. I need to replace the fabric liner as
it has corrosion on all the metal parts. I already replaced the microphone arm with an OEM one.
The impact liner (that bubble wrap looking thing) is intact, but the fabric cover needs fixing
or replacement as it's torn on one end.

SPH-4 Helmet and Israeli copy of the M1969 flack vest worn by both the Dropship crew and the smartgunners.
I don't have the British MK11 flight suit yet, or the correct patches.

The vest I got from the Amherst Drop Zone, a surplus store in the eastern USA. Cost me about $35 shipped.
I bought some 1/2" foam from the fabric store to function as "kevlar." The vest ships empty and is quite
light, even with the foam in place. I just laid the vest over the foam and drew out the basic shapes
with a pen and cut to fit with a pair of scissors.

Marine Shoulder Lamp

I have most of the parts for my marine shoulder lamp. All I have to buy now is a
light reflector and bulb/socket set. Plus I need a lockdown knob for my lamp elbow.
I'll get around to taking more pics of it eventually... maybe someday I'll even get it built!

The lamp body.

Someone just started making a full kit of the lamp with a fiberglass body as well.
The price was under $150, so that's not too bad really. I may have to look into that
in the future... and swap my real parts onto it. :)

Motion Tracker

June 2004: Started picking up the real parts that make up the Motion Tracker.
There's a LOT of camera parts on this thing!

July 2004: Master Replicas announced they're releasing a motion tracker as well,
so I started making payments on one. I'll probably finish finding the parts I'm missing
for my 'real parts' version as well.

August-September 2004: Finished paying for my MR tracker this month! Also picked up
the much sought after Kango 426 hammer drill casing and some other parts as well. Paid
more than I should have (story of my life) so now I'll be selling some of my other parts
to try and make up the difference as soon as the new parts arrive.

So what's next? Things to do...

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