The Tutorials Section:
Build Your own 'BTTF' Time Machine
Last updated: January 29, 2004 2:45 PM (CST)

How To Build Your Own Darn
'BTTF' Time Machine.

Standard Liability Disclaimer: Although I have used these instructions in making my own props,
I accept NO RESPONSIBILITY if you ruin your own components or other parts
using these instructions. These techniques work for me, they might not work for you.
These instructions are worth exactly what you paid for them.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT sell these props. I barely have enough time to work on my OWN projects,
much less build them for others. ^_^ There are a couple people who do make BTTF items, and eventually
I will add links to their sites on the links page.
If you do quality work and would like me to add a link to your page, feel free to contact me.

Abstract: Why this page exists.

This page has been created as a reference source for those who are dedicated enough
(or crazy enough) to build a time machine similar to the ones seen in the film
Back to the Future.

Because of an overabundance of 'secrecy' involving the building of this movie prop
and because I was annoyed that many of those 'in the know' wouldn't (or couldn't due to a promise
from a trusted source) share the information on how to do this project, I'm 'sharing the wealth'
of my research with all of you.
Most of the information presented here can be found on the web if you look long enough.
I'm just cutting out the middle-man, and saving you hundreds of hours of research time.
Aren't I generous? ^_^

All I ask for the free use of this information is that you don't build dozens of these
props to sell online, or hoard the components so others can't build one. The whole point
of this section is to share the information freely, which when you get down to it is the
true spirit of the internet.

Building a time machine like that in the film will require, amongst other things,
loads of cash. Really. I'm not kidding. Like the Pulse Rifle, you won't be able to build one of these
for a hundred bucks. Just offering a reality check for you.

Where possible I will list prices and sources for the various components needed
to make an accurate reproduction. You can use as many or as few of these parts
as you desire, after all, it's YOUR time machine you're building.

A note about the pictures in this section...

Most of these images were not created by me. MOST of the Delorean Time Machine
images were taken by Gary Weaver II and are photos of the car he hand built
to look like the one in the film. I'm placing them here as an archival reference source
and if you so choose you may save the images to your own PC for reference purposes.

Now just because you can download the images does NOT give you free reign to use them to
sell items, publish manuals, etc. These images are protected by United States Copyright
Law and unless otherwise specified are the sole property of myself, or Gary Weaver II.
If you want to build your own "how to" web site, feel free to scour the net for pictures
and information like I did. It's not that hard, just very time consuming.

Likewise, Gary also did NOT tell me where to find the all components. A few items he shared
but some he was unable to share information on due to previous agreements with other
people. Gary honors his agreements and I applaud him for that! But in sharing the photos
of his own personal custom built time machine with all of us, he's sharing a wealth of
detail information not available elsewhere. Thank you Gary!!

All other images will have ownership information where necessary. If you have images
of your own Time Machine project, or tutorials/parts information for building any
components not detailed, feel free to contact me with the information.
Remember, you will receive credit for information shared if you so choose.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your own Time Machine project!


The Film 'Back to the Future' is Copyright by Universal Studios. This site is in no way affiliated with the film, actors, props or studios in any way.
This site is a non-profit fan created entity, who's sole purpose is to pay homage to the hardware of this film.
All other rights reserved.

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