Ghostbusters Props!
Last updated: October 26, 2006 2:24 PM (CST)

My Ghostbusters Props Collection
Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.

Back in 1984, a little comedy film came out starring some guys from a little
TV show called "Saturday Night Live."

It rocked.

It spun into a media frenzy, and remains as one of the best films from the 1980s.

Although the third film in the trilogy has never been made, it still remains a
good 'series' of films, but the first film is far and away the best of the two in
my opinion.

Fast forward twenty years. ^_^

After watching the film again, and having been involved in the prop making thing
for a few years now, I asked myself, "Self," I said, "I wonder if anyone makes proton
packs from Ghostbusters?" And so I searched, and found another prop community filled with
talented people who were only too willing to buy my soul, er, I mean, give me the information
(and parts) to make my childhood fantasy (about being a Ghostbuster, not that one about the
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders... -_^) come true!

The Uniform

I got lucky and scored a flight suit, elbow pads and patches (No Ghost & Venkmann) from a guy
on the Proptopia boards. Cost $48.

The flight suit is a simple poly-cotton kakhi (tan) colored flight suit. The screen used ones were
lightly dyed a tan/grey color. In some scenes in the film they look all grey, other times all tan.
Gotta love the changes in lighting in a film. ^_^ I dyed mine a bit too dark, but it looks okay.

The elbow pads are I believe a "Markwort" brand of volleyball knee pads. They were either dyed a
grey color, or just spray painted Grey. I did both actually, and spray painted the black square
on the inside of the elbow with black paint.

First test fit of the motherboard, and the final doofus, er, project. ^_^

The power switch was located on the side, on a cable, prior to 'finishing' it.
Now it's switchable from the Neutrona wand. It's like an 'all in one' universal remote. ^_^

These pics are from 2006, after the first major build up. It's a lot more finished now, but still
not 100% finished yet...

Proton Pack

Click the Pack to go to a seperate build up page about my Proton Pack.

Neutrona Wand

Click the Neutrona Wand (aka the 'proton thrower' aka the 'proton gun') to go to a seperate
build up page about my fancy proton gun with flashy-lights. MMMmmmmm... blinky lights... *drool*

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