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Last updated: November 6, 2007 2:41 PM (CST)

My Ghostbusters Props Collection
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The Proton Pack Buildup...

This proton pack was assembled by me, with the majority of the "big" parts made by "Funkzilla" on the
Proptopia boards. Fiberglass pack construction, PVC pipe with wood inserts in certain positions
and resin detail parts. The motherboard (the metal piece that the shell attaches to) is water cut
aluminum. The backpack (not currently pictured) is a military surplus alice pack frame with OD straps.

My pack as it looked Halloween 2006. It's been upgraded further, just no pictures yet...


Worked on it more this Halloween after getting my hands on a new v3.0 proton thrower
kit by Hotshot. This kit has it's issues, but overall flat out rocks
and I can easily reccommend it for making a pack.

Added my Ion arm to the back of the back after nabbing a metal parts set. Yay!
Added the correct Dale resistors and other parts as well. I made the mistake of
putting the top brass connector strait, when in fact it should have been turned slightly
to the left so as to not crimp the tubing. I did a loop style on the tube though, and after
drilling out the original electronic connectors on the resistor, and epoxying two metal screws
in place, pointy end out, it worked fantasically!

I mounted yet ANOTHER 6 D Cell battery pack in the shell, this time to
power the gun. Sure adds weight, but at least I'll never run out of power. ^_^

Also replaced the knob (I forget the real name for the thing...) with a machined
aluminium version that's screen accurate. I painted it flat black, then steel wooled
all the high points just like the film used ones. It turned out VERY nice. The picture
doesn't do the part justice.

My scratch built version from 2006... The machined version.

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