Ghostbusters Props!
Last updated: November 6, 2007 2:41 PM (CST)

My Ghostbusters Props Collection
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The Neutrona Wand Buildup...

The Neutrona Wand is the "gun" used by the Ghostbusters to, well, capture ghosts.

This is a resin kit purchased from Hotshot on eBay. THis is his version 3.0
gun. It was expensive, about $150 for just the kit, but it was WELL WORTH IT in my opinion.
Hotshot's kit included EVERYTHING you need to build it up, including all the buttons, switches
and decals you need to finish it off. In order to make the kit work with the EXCELLENT electronics
kit offered by Exoray, you need to make a couple mods to the kit. I needed to
drill out the center of the mount base of the gun barrel which allows the LED light cable to feed into
the gun body.

The gun ships mostly preassembled. I The first thing I

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