Star Wars Movie Props
Last updated: February 04, 2016 1:18 PM (CST)

My Star Wars Props Collection
Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.

Updated: February 2016

Since I've never really owned any finished Star Wars props, when the New film came
out in December 2015, The Force Awakens, I kind of wanted to do something Star Wars
again. For the first time.

Han Solo has long been my favorite character. The Solo Novels by Brian Daley published
in the early 1980s are still some of my favorite novels of all time.

But enough history...

Han Solo returned in The Force Awakens sporting a remake of his classic long scope
pistol that he had in the original Star Wars. Since I like my Solo old school, I decided I was
going to go this route for my blaster relica.

This model also was the first to use an Airsoft gun as the basis!

My Blaster will have...

$99 - HFC M712 All metal Airsoft
$35 - Short magazine
$?? - Metal Force Awakens Conversion kit

All parts on order, just waiting for the parts to be made!

It also amuses me that I was worried (in 2006) that using an M712 wouldn't be accurate...
when that's what they used in the new film. Soooo... Score!

Updated: 2008-2009?

Ended up selling my Metal Greedo Killer parts set. Regretting it, but what's done is done.

Updated: October 2006

Gave the resin kit away in an online contest. Picked up a set of metal GK (Greedo Killer)
pistol parts this year on the RPF. Got the muzzle break, front cooling vent, scope mount.
Still need a mauser and a scope to assemble it. I want to get the metal M712 airsoft mauser.
It's not movie accurate since it's not a C96, but it will shoot at least. And it won't cost me $1500
like a real firing mauser would.

Updated: November 2002
Han Solo's Blastech DL-44 'Hero' blaster. This is a temporary image of Icons blaster which is pretty much identical.

Han Solo's Blastech DL-44 kit

Han Solo's Blastech DL-44 kit

Another uncompleted prop. Limited run resin cast made by 'Wakal' on the RPF.
This item was cast from Wakal's Real Steel firing Broomhandle Mauser.
This version has the thicker, "bull barrel" as well as the vented muzzle
break. Very high quality casting with lots of details.

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