Star Trek Props
Last updated: september 20, 2002 5:06 PM (CST)

My Star Trek Props Collection
Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.

There should be something here... Why Isn't there?

I was once a die-hard Trek fan. Watched all the movies and TV series, collected stuff, etc.
Somewhere along the line, the brain trust at Paramount decided that over merchandising the
Trek cash cow would be a good thing to do... and now Trek Fandom has fallen by the wayside.

Plus it didn't help any that Lucas finally started making Star Wars movies again. ^_^

So anyhoo... I'm not much of a Trek fan anymore. Sad to say, but it's true. Because of this
I don't have any "real" Trek props, per say, but I do have a few of the Playmates
brand of Trek Toys. I feel, for the prop collector on a budget, the Playmates
toys are nearly as accurate as the props used on TV and in the movies.
The Classic Trek communicator I have is just as accurate as some of the
expensive "professional" props I've seen.
Now I just have to find them and take pictures of them...

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