Starship Troopers Movie Props
Last updated: May 14, 2007 2:09 PM (CST)

My Starship Troopers Prop Collection

Mobile Infantry - Jumpball - Misc. Stuff

Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.

Mobile Infantry Uniform

Added to collection: December 2006

Here's some pics of my film used Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry uniform.
Pretty much everything in this uniform was custom made. The webbing pouches (grenade and magazines),
knife rig and chest pouch are made by Eagle Industries. The boots are modified Adidas
hiking boots that they added the leather uppers to. The boots are the same ones worn in the
boot camp scenes, only without the uppers installed.

On with the pics!

Start with a HEATGEAR shirt to keep cool... I'm too fat, so buckling the boots is a pain...
Pants and knife rig on... Jacket... with hand sewn patches!
The jacket arrived without patches. I had to sew them back on myself. The jacket
had been used in another production. I believe it was the Firefly TV series on Fox.

Armor on... I still need to fix the broken chin strap mount...
 Here, catch my throwing knife...

Added to collection: November 2006

I actually have two MI knife rigs. I bought one about a month before I got my full MI
uniform set. The knife in this rig (like ALL the screen used rigs) is a blank piece of
Aluminium (sp?) with no real blade. I'll probably swap in one of my real throwing knives
when I get them edged.


Added to collection: May 2007

This is a screen used Jumpball uniform. It came with Adidas branded shoes and shirt, a pair of gloves,
a set of hockey shoulder pads and a Jofa hockey helmet with custom decals. Pretty next set really and comfortable
to wear. Also a very reasonably priced movie prop/costume.

And No, I was not there and Yes, I DID photoshop myself into the scene. ^_^

A couple of screen shots showing the uniform in use.

Misc. SST Items

MI Gloves

Added to collection: November 2006

The glove packaging! Amazing stuff here... And a picture of... the gloves...

And yet another pic of... the gloves! Do you sense a trend? And finally, a rare never before seen photo of... the gloves! Wasn't the anticipation worth it!?!

These are not screen used, but they ARE the same make and model of the gloves worn
by the Mobile Infantry in the film Starship Troopers. They're a football linemans/receiver
gloves. Leather and textile with velcro closure wrist brace. They're also out of production, but can
still be found for between $45-$55 in new condition. Of course, you can buy the screen used ones for
$50 plus shipping... you make the call. I paid $48 shipped for mine. These are an XL, and fit me very nicely.

Throwing Knife

Added to collection: May 2007

I also have some throwing knife blanks. I still need to put an edge on them and will do it sometime soon.
Based on the Blackjack throwing knife, they do fit in the knife rig, but are VERY snug.

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