StarGate SG-1 Props
Last updated: October 26, 2006 6:50 PM (CST)

My Stargate Prop Collection
Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.

Well, in the last few years since I updated this page, I've run into financial trouble that could
only be solved by selling toys.
So sadly I sold off my Stargate MP5 and my black tactical vest. I kept the drop leg mag holster
as that was a gift from my wife. :) In the meantime I've joined a couple Stargate Prop/costuming groups.
They are...

Like most of the Stargate costuming groups SG-6 (the team, not the site) is regionally based.
Anyone who lives in Minnesota, North/South Dakota or Wisconsin can join SG-6. It doesn't
Cost anything, and is mainly a way for regional Stargate costuming fans to band togeather.
Our primary "fictional" SGC MOS is Search and rescue.

Here's a comparison between the different versions of my Stargate uniform over the last 4-5 years.
The only identical item between all 3 versions is the MGM jacket, and I modded it in V3 by adding
the Air Force patch on the right sleeve.

Version 1.0---------------------------Version 2.0----------------------Version 3.0

Since joining SG-6 I've picked up another Tokyo Marui FN-P90 (My third one now ^_^),
the same SMG now used on the Stargate SG-1 series.

I'd forgotten what a nice AEG it is. Pretty fun to shoot, but a short battery life with the mini (600 mAh)
batteries. I need to pick up one of the nunchuck style batteries for longer shooting times.
I've slowly started modifying the gun as finances permit. So far I've purchased the same style
of scope rings used on teh show, added a second accessory rail to the left side of the weapon,
and added a screen accurate Streamlight Scorpion tactical light. I also have one of 'LT's' screen
accurate P90 weapon slings, which may be purchased from listed above.

Here's some pics of my revised gear. The photo is current as I replaced the bargain EOD vest
with a Blackhawk EOD vest, and I also added a few other parts.All told, this is the contents
of my OD SG offworld uniform. Keep in mind I've been buying these parts over a period of... 5 years
now, and didn't buy everything at the same time. ^_^

Offworld uniform, Version 3.0

Updated 10/2006:

Version 2.0

Updated 10/2005:

The ball cap is identical to the brown (Taupe) one that O'Niell wears on the series. It's
even made by the same company. It's also pretty amazing how well it blends in to woodland
settings. You can pick one up from LT at
for under $15. Pretty reasonable for a screen accurate prop that doesn't require modifications of
any type. He also offers the black caps, as well as a screen accurate P90 sling harness, again, Identical
to the screen used versions. Be sure to check out the discussion boards as well. Tell 'em Rook sent you. ^_^

For mounting the flashlight, what you want are a set of Weaver, Strap Style scope rings.
They have 2 small screws that hold the "strap" onto the base. They attach to a weaver base
with a thumb screw.

The flashlight pictured above is not screen accurate. It's just a mini-mag light I had lying around.

The light below IS accurate. The vest pictured was a cheap EOD version I got off eBay. Sadly, the
price was right, but the size was not. It's about a size too small. One size fits "all" indeed. ^_^.

Send in... ...the clones! No, I'm really, really tense, I just look relaxed...

The center picture I'm wearing my Black Stargate Movie Beret with accurate flashing.
Salad tongs not included...

Version 1.0

Updated: 2002

Stargate SG-1 style MP5.

Although they now use the FN P90, I first built this MP5 as was used on Stargate SG-1 for the first 4
Seasons or so.

First, I started with the MP5 A5 made by ICS. Since I play airsoft, the choice of the ICS
was mainly due to the quick detatch G3 style body system (you can easily disassemble the gun should
you want or need to clean/upgrade it) and it also has a metal upper receiver.

Then I added the G&P tactical light and a 3 point sling.

Stargate SG-1 style MP5.

Last, I took an H&K scope mount, and added an AR15 scope by drilling through the base and
using 2 long bolts and a couple lock nuts. It shoots decent and looks good too.

But, one can't just run naked through through the woods fighting the Gua'uld...

In these pictures I have the MGM Studios SG-1 jacket, which is a direct copy of the ones worn
on the show. I also have a standard military pistol belt. On the show they wear a Blackhawk
Medic Vest
but, again, because I play airsoft I opted for a standard Blackhawk style
tactical vest with MP5 mag pouches. The vest was a knockoff purchased from Airsoft Shop in
Hong Kong.

Hey Look, It's me! Speak softly and carry an MP5...

Ready for action... Is that a rubber knife on your belt, or are you happy to see me...?

The drop leg holster used on the show is a Blackhawk Omega Tactical Holster but being on a
budget, I went with a simple Uncle Mike's Tactical Holster. I've replaced it recently with a
Blackhawk tactical flap holster. It's not accurate really, but it works.

The holster contains a KJW (Kwan Ju Works) M9 Gas Blowback pistol with a metal slide and barrel installed.

On the pistol belt there also a (rubber) M9 Phrobus Bayonet, the same knife actually on the gear on the show.
And last... at the time I was looking (years ago), I wasn't aware of Blackhawk's products
and ended up buying a 3 mag drop leg pouch from Ranger Joe's. Hey, it works for me.

If you're looking for Blackhawk gear, contact Tactical Gear USA and tell them Rook sent you. :)

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