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My Indiana Jones Film Prop Collection
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Haven't updated this for a while, so it's quite out of date...

This year (2010) I upgraded and got an 8' leather bullwhip from a maker on the RPF (Replica prop Forums).
It's very nice and I'm quite pleased with it.

I've since replaced my shirt and trousers with ones made by Magnoli Clothiers (2009). They were expensive,
but easily some of the nicest pieces of clothing I've ever owned.

The bag strap (2009) was made by Lee Keppler. The replacement fedora (2008) was made by Peter Brothers
and was given to me by Minnesota Jones... just because he's a nice guy. ^_^.
The holster (2008) I can't recall... I bought two of them at the time. One of them came from IMA (International Military Antiques),
I can't recall where the other came from. One is a nice brown, the other has an almost orange
patina... which is what made me buy the second one (the brown one).

The gloves (2008?) are weathered
Wells Lamont gloves, just like Indy used in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I think that's all the updates for now!

Test fit of the new gear...________________ Another pic of the new gear...

8/23/2007: Picked up a set of trousers and a new Kakhi web belt. Discovered AFTER the fact that the trousers are too dark
They're supposed to be 'Taupe' brown, not 'Truffle' brown which is double the darkness. The web belt is supposed to have a
weathered gold buckle and not silver... I just wasn't batting 1000 this week. :)

I stil need a leather bag strap for my MKVII gas mask bag (the original cloth strap is pictured), an actual leather pistol belt,
and a more correct shirt. The shirt I'm wearing in the pics is a white dress shirt I had on hand.

I actually distressed my jacket a bit (after the pictures were taken) and it looks much more... Indy-ish. ^_^
I just removed the shiny glossy leather surface coating and added some small amount of wear on the seams and edges.
It looks pretty decent.

Hat... new Indy Jacket... Pistol holster... Whip... It's all good!

4/5/2007: Using plans supplied by "K on the Run" over at the Indygear Forums I made myself
both an Indy style flap holster, and a non-slip whip holder! They both look decent and work just fine. Some of my better

I also, FINALLY got a good CRACK out of the whip! YAY! Now the gear I have is...

Make your own Indy Style pistol holster...

First thing you do if fold your plans up and look like a dork as your wife takes a picture... ^_^
I bought a new pair of Fiskers to cut the leather. I also used a little thinner leather than normally
would be used for holsters. It seemed easier to work with, but since this is the first holster I've ever made,
I really have nothing for comparison...

Cut everything out. You want to place the belt loop and closure strap where they should be, and sew them in place first.
It's easier that way.

After that, I punched out each hole with a leather punch to make the stitching easier. So, so many holes...

Almost done...

Stitching the plug in the base of the holster was a pain, but it worked out okay in the end. The real Webley holsters do
have the drain hole in the middle.

The last thing I did was attach a brass "Sam Browne" closure post. I bought the stupid little mounting/holding tool
as well. It works Sooooo much better than trying to do it by hand. Which I did the first time and wrecked the brass
post. The holster will hold a 6" barrel Webley, a 6" .44 magnum (squirt) gun, or a solid cast Aluminium 1911. It works well
and looks good too!
All togeather I spent probably $80 on new leather working tools and materials. Seriously though, it was a good experience,
and I could do it again to make more stuff. After I figured out how to use the sewing awl it went much faster. All told
I spent about 5-6 hours making this from drawing out the plans on the leather to putting in the brass post. The next one
will go much faster.

Make your own whip holder...

The whip holder I made from leather scraps, hand hammered snaps and rivits. It took about an hour to make since I had the tools
on hand already. The roller is made from a bronze bearing. Supposedly the leather will react to the metals, so you probably
want to use plastic or bone for the roller rather than metal. I have a nylon paracord whip holder, so it won't damage the whip.

Hat... Jacket... Whip... Idol... It's all good!
9/2006: Had to get a photo with me and the nifty new whip (as seen above). 10 foot long, 10 (or 16 I can't recall...) plait
whip. The originals were made from Kangaroo leather by David Morgan. This one is made from a nylon cord
by one of his students in the same style as those used in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
It moves smooth as silk, and flys like the wind. I haven't gotten a good 'CRACK' out of
it yet, but that's just my poor technique. It sure beats the 10 foot chunk of cotton rope
I used as an 11 year old kid. ^_^

And yes, I KNOW the jacket Isn't accurate either, it's an A2 fighter pilot style. But for now, it works.
Wested brand jackets are expensive! Maybe someday...

Throw me the idol, I'll... oh, never mind.

Bought this badboy from Starwoid on the RPF board. SOLID CAST! This thing weighs like 5
pounds! I used some gold Krylon and it looks OK overall.

Hold still... This won't hurt a bit...

Come on, you've all imagined yourself in that scene...

Is that a Fedora, or are you just happy to see me?

This is a pic of the fedora I bought WAY back in... 1986? My family went to
California and I learned from a friend, Brian Fear, that he bought HIS Indy
fedora at Disneyland! Well, having seen it... I wanted one. A few days later
we ended up going to Disney and it was pretty cool overall, but I couldn't find my
Fedora! Well, we wandered around and a few hours later I finally found one... but
it was the wrong size! Well, there wasn't any other choice, so I bought it anyway.
Later that evening, on our way out of the park I spotted a WHOLE FREAKING STAND
of them. DOH! In retrospect, I wish I'd exchanged it, but oh well.

It fits slightly better now than it did then, but it's still a tich too large.
It's also slightly different style than the one Indy has, as there's wire
in the brim, making it stiffer. If you watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
you'll see in the scene where Indy's in the spike room with Short Round,
the large spikes that come out of the ceiling and the brim of Indy's hat flexes a LOT.
My hat would have been impaled on the spikes...

You never know what dangerous creatures you'll encounter when in an ancient tomb...

Mysti declares this idol is hers...
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