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Last updated: October 12, 2006 3:52 PM (CST)

My Anime Props Collection
Unless otherwise Specified, none of the props shown in these pages are for sale.

Appleseed, Olympus Police Badge

Updated: March 2003
Resin cast police badge.

This is a resin cast Appleseed replica that I bought from someone on the RPF.
It cost me WAY too much money, but as I've never seen another one since, I guess
it's worth it. ^_^ The original was a metal item, apparently part of some
Appleseed promotional package offered only in Japan. I bought it because it's
from my favorite Manga of all time. Since they've done a TV show based on
Ghost In The Shell, I WISH they'd do one based on Appleseed. Shiro has enough material
just from his Manga to cover 800 minutes of animation. That's just over 13 hours worth
of material.

Trigun, Vash's Pistol

Updated: March 2003
Trigun pistol resin kit.Japanese Picture.

Trigun Pistol, assembled. I thought this was the original Japanese photo, but now I think the photo is by GenPropz.

This kit has been out of production for a few years now.

E-mail me for information if interested.

December 5-2002: Found one! Woo Hoo! Now the work begins... :)

Appleseed, GONG pistol kit

I do NOT currently own this kit.

I do want to buy one however.

GONG pistol instructions.Japanese eBay Picture.

GONG Pistol, rubber banded togeather. Japanese eBay picture.

This kit has been out of production for a few years also. It's based on the 10 gauge
multi-purpose shotgun used by Deunan Knute in the Masamume Shirow Manga creation, Appleseed.
Check out eBay to find some of the manga (comics). Very good story, lots of action
and a pretty cool setting. Personally, It's my all time favorite Manga series.

In the manga, this gun's front barrel extension is removeable, so when removed
it becomes a 10 gauge pocket pistol! Well, not quite, but it becomes a whole
lot of bang-bang in a small, concealable package.

If you know someone with a conversion kit version of this pistol, please e-mail me.

Tenchi Muyo, Master Key

Updated: March 2006
Sold this item in 2006.
Tenchi's Sword hilt

I picked up this representation of the Master Key from the Tenchi Muyo animated
series from a sculptor on the Replica Props Forum. It's solid cast resin and
quite detailed overall.

Use the force Tenchi...

On the program, when activated, the master key functioned much
like a lightsaber from Star Wars in addition to its other powers.

Very heavy, solid piece with a recesed hole in the front to insert a
acrylic blade into for that whole "laser sword" experience. It'd be
cool to recast this in metal, hollow it out and add electronics like
those used in a couple of the higher end fan created Star Wars lightsabers.

Ghost in the Shell, Compact eXploder Pistol

Updated: March 2006
Sold this item in 2006.
Compact eXploder Pistol, Kit maker's picture, not mine.

This kit was a limited run recast of the impossible to find Japanese resin
kit of a pistol from the Manga/Anime Ghost In The Shell created by Masamune Shirow.
It was made by a Canadian Toothpaste Company (If you've been
collecting props for any length of time, you know who I mean).
This kit is well done, and was the first resin kit I've purchased. It's about
50% completed right now. It's mostly trimmed and sanded, and has been test fit
to the airsoft parts a few times but still needs some more fitting and painting.
Compact eXploder Pistol, Kit maker's photo, not mine.

My kit... as it sits currently... gathering dust...

Airsoft Gas Blowback Maruzen PPK/S, partially disassembled for installing in the kit.

Although the kit comes with a solid resin PPK, I'm adding a Gas Blowback Maruzen PPK/S airsoft pistol
to give it that extra bit of Hoo-Ah factor. :) Pistol cost me about $130 or so. Such a nice replica,
I almost hated to take it apart. I may have to get another one someday.
If you get a Maruzen PPK/S, buy the standard black version and not the metal look
version. Why? Because the blue steel paint look that they add to this plastic
replica just rubs off! So, save yourself the extra $15.

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