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Last updated: March 25, 2003 11:00 AM! (CST)

My Multi-Pac Arcade Cabinet Project.

My Multi-Pac Cabinet Project

Before: the way it sat for over a year and a half after my initial efforts to make it playable. After: ...I did some more fixes. The masking tape is to help me determine where I need to paint on the underside.

So far, this is what I have into my project...

Cabaret Cabinet $50.00? I bought this at auction several years ago. It started life as a Rally X, was converted to a Merit Trivia Whiz. I bought it and... well... a lot of work was involved after that...
Original Pac Man PCB $30.00? I bought this board "Untested, unknown condition" from a RGVAC member back in 1996-97. It sat in a box waiting patiently to be tested and used. I was able to scrounge a couple of the daughter boards and when tested, there was a graphics error. Got a set of new eproms burned by a friend and it worked just fine after that!
Multi-Pac Kit $130.00? I did a partial trade plus cash for this kit. It has the version 1.3 software set, which includes an automatic screen saver, and of course 24 different Pac Man variants. It also came with a custom Multi-Pac Marquee! This kit was made by Clay Cowgill but he stopped making them because he doesn't own the rights to reproduce them.
New 4 Way joystick $20.00 This is a replacement joystick for the new Ms. Pac/Galaga combo cabinet that Namco is putting out. Works great!
2 "original" game
start buttons
$Free I decided to go with microswitch buttons rather than the original leaf switch style. Why? Because I already had 2 microswitches wired in place. I basically took 2 red and 2 white butons to get the original pacman style/colored buttons.
JAMMA Wiring Harness $10.00 Got a bunch of these from someplace. I had a jamma adapter I wanted to use, and I thought it would be easier than wiring an original wiring harness. Plus, I could use a generic JAMMA board to test it without running the risk of damaging my Pac Man PCB.
Reproduction Cabaret Overlay. $54.00 $45 plus shipping. Nice coloring and quality. The colors are actually brighter than the pictures show. The flash washed them out somewhat. Purchased from
Plexi glass$10.00? This was a scrap piece left over from when I did the MAME cabinet. And as is common when I try cutting plexiglass, I cracked it when I was drilling the joystick hole. The hole cutting bit grabbed the plexi and the torque caused it to crack. Still looks "okay," but not 100% perfect.
Pac Man to
JAMMA Adapter
$45.00? I bought this one off eBay. I read all about converting a Pac board to run on JAMMA, and decided if possible I'd not go about hacking up the original PCB if it could be avoided. The adapter is just a strait "plug and play" type, and works just fine.
Cabaret Marquee $20.00 They had an original Cabaret Pac Man at the shop one day, so I "borrowed" it and went to the local copy place and had it color photocopied and laminated. IT's about 1.5 inches too narrow, because the largest color copy they could do was smaller than the marquee. But I added some black border, sandwiched it between 2 pieces of thin Plexiglass, and it looks pretty decent overall.
Tools and stuff $70.00? I had to buy a wire wheel to strip the paint from the panel. I had to buy a 1 5/16" hole cutting bit (and drill bit shaft) to cut the necessary holes. Plus Paint, primer, screws, etc.
SUB TOTAL $439.00 I'm sure there's more costs involved, not to mention the many, many hours of my time put into aquiring the parts and assembling the beast. If you had to build the same cabinet today, with current prices, expect to pay minimum $600. Probably more.

Picture of the new control panel. Or rather, the rebuilt panel...

Things I've done to the cabinet:
I still have to...
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