My Airsoft Collection
Last updated: January 3, 2007 5:10 PM (CST)

Unless otherwise Specified, none of the items shown in these pages are for sale.
ALL gun images on this site are of AIRSOFT replica BB guns. These are NOT
real in ANY way, and can NOT be modified to fire live ammunition.

My Airsoft Collection

My current active airsoft armory contains...

  • Both Elephant G36 & Well MP5A5 - Added November 2006.
    Combined, both guns cost me appx. $140. The BE G36 is a copy of the Marui as is the Well MP5.
    The G36 needs 'tweaking' to say the least. It fires full auto only, the Hop up
    is non-functional, or rather it functions too well. When turned off it still acts
    as though it's activated. The scope rail handle is a detail piece only, and has no function.

    The Well MP5 doesn't have the fit & finish of the Marui MP5A5, but unlike the BE G36,
    it functions flawlessly. The 240 round high cap mag the gun shipped with sucks, but standard TM
    and ICS mags work fine in the gun. I also added the rail front end from a TM MP5 RAS and it fit perfectly!
    All I need to do now is get a solid stock and the other costom parts to turn this into an MP5 Swordfish.

  • M41-A2 Pulse Rifle (Marui base) - Ah, the pulse rifle. I wanted one of these for years
    and recently found all the prop discussion boards filled with tons of valuable reference
    information. This gun uses the Tokyo Marui M1 A1 Thompson SMG as the firing component.
    This version also used the resin Grenade Launcher parts from a Monsters in Motion kit, and the shroud from
    a GEM Reproductions set.
    The rifles used in the movie were the "M41-A Pulse Rifle." I call mine an "M41-A2" because it
    has a 10 hole barrel vent, rather than the 8 hole vent seen on some of the early rifles.

    I added an M100 Spring and metal bushings to the mechbox. In retrospect I should
    have installed bearings instead of bushings, as the ROF is slower than when it had
    the stock spring in there. And anyone who's seen the film knows this thing has a
    high rate of fire.

    Update 3/14/2003 - Well, I broke down and installed a set of bearings! Let's
    just say that taking one of these apart AFTER you build it is... a pain. But, 4 hours
    later, I have the bearings installed and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It's a LOT faster shooting
    than it was before. I crunched the numbers and it shoots about 1020 rounds/minute on
    full auto. I counted appx. 3 to 3.5 seconds to empty a 60 round magazine, so that equals about 17
    rounds/second or so.

    I also (with the help of a friend) discovered why the shot counter would reset after
    only a few shots. It turns out that the battery box I was using to power the shot
    counter would vibrate when the gun was fired. This vibration would cause the 2 "AA"
    batteries in the battery box to lose contact with the connections and wa-la, automatic
    reset! Well, I fixed that crud strait away and now it functions FLAWLESSLY!! And for
    those who are curious, the shot counter reads "95" when a mag is inserted. The magazine
    actually holds 190 rounds. When the counter reads "00" there's about 50-60 rounds left
    in the magazine.

    Lots of metal brings the weight on this beast to something like 11-15 lbs or so
    with the battery and full magazine installed!
    Considering that the PSG-1 Sniper rifle only weighs like 8lbs, that's quite
    an accomplishment.
    Thompson Purchased new in 2002. Pulse Rifle assembly finished September, 2002.
    Yes, I WILL eventually remove the orange paint from the muzzle!

  • M1 A1 Thompson (Tokyo Marui) - Yep, another Thompson. What can I say?
    The gun shoots very well, hits hard for a stock AEG and has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a mostly metal AEG.

    The only gripes I have are the slow mag insertion speed, and the clumsy mag release.
    But those issues are present on the real deal too.
    This gun was a Tax Return purchase. Purchased New in February, 2003.
    Wow, somebody's been watching Band Of Brothers too much... Take that you Nazi scum!

    I've added an actual military surplus Thompson sling (Bought on eBay for about $45 shipped)
    that had been in storage probably since the Korean War. It was either late WWII
    or early Korean issue, but was never used. Stored in Cosmoline (a grease protectant),
    it still smells like an oil refinery even after being gently hand washed. Interesting
    to note is the fact that the sling was tan in color, not OD green. It was kind of green
    after being stored in the cosmoline. I didn't want the grease to stain my clothes, hence
    the reason I washed it.

    I also have installed a real wood foregrip which came from Stephane in France. It's not necessary,
    just a neat thing to have a real, WWII Thompson foregrip on my gun.

    This gun was a Tax Return Purchase.
    Purchased New in February, 2003.

  • FN P90 (Tokyo Marui) - Yep, another P90! I got back into the whole Stargate SG-1 costuming thing,
    and decided that I missed my P90. Scored this one on eBay for $250 or so with 2 Standard mags,
    one high cap and I believe a mini battery. Not bad really, just for the money saved on magazines alone.

    Purchased Spring, 2004.

  • Auto 9 (KSC) - Single shot and full auto gas blowback pistol. Fun to shoot.
    I always wanted one since I saw the original film in the theatre when I was in high school.
    Saw a deal I couldn't pass up. Now I have one. All I need now though is a tactical
    holster that will hold it. It's huge!
    Purchased Used in Fall, 2002.

    This is a picture of a KSC Elite I once owned. My current one is similar except the logo on the side of the slide Is not present on my metal slide.

  • M9 Elite (KJW) - Stock M9 Gas blowback pistol from Kwan Ju Works in Hong Kong.
    Perfect copy of the Marui M9, but designed to take Green Gas and not the wimpy HFC 134
    gas common to Japanese pistols. I added the metal barrel/slide combination. Fitting
    the add-on parts was a pain, but it's pretty cool now. Heavyweight with a decent SA/DA
    trigger pull. Only complaint I have is you can't fire quickly without freezing out the mags.
    This is a common problem with gas guns in general. Only the Western Arms pistols with the
    special valve sets don't freeze out. Another issue this gun currently has, is the rubber
    piece inside the piston, that forces the air out, has broken, so the gun likes to
    half blowback, thus jamming. Must fix this gun...
    Purchased new in 1999.

  • VP 70M (Tanio Koba) - The military version of the VP70 with the stock
    that allows it to shoot 3 shot burst. It feels good, looks good... shoots like crud.
    Oh well, it's still a cool gun. :) And even with the stock attached it's really small!

    Purchased Slightly used with 2 mags in 2005.

    I've also owned several other guns over the years and in general I've been
    pleased with them all. They include...

    Nice carpet huh? Gotta love that 1970s brown crap. Oh, yeah, there's an HK G36c in there somplace...

  • H&K G36c (Tokyo Marui) - The newest AEG out of Marui's stable is the
    G36c. First impressions: Nice features, built in top rail for fitting a scope, Solid construction
    with a steel endoskeleton making it heavier (about 7lbs) but also making it feel more robust.
    Seems to shoot okay. I've only fired it a few times, and I don't own a high capacity mag for it yet.
    Comes with a blaze orange plastic muzzle break, and a metal vortex style muzzle break as well.

    There has been some rumblings on the discussion boards though...

  • MP5 A5, SG-1 Variant (ICS) - This gun has been modified (a lot). Internally it has metal
    bushings, a SystemA M100 spring. The cocking tube has an internally mounted laser
    sight with an external pressure switch, and a G&P tactical light foregrip with a
    Surefire P6 bulb.
    On top it has a Marui H&K style scope mount with a custom fitted real steel
    AR-15 scope manufactured by "Leapers." The scope really is just for scoring
    style points, as you cannot accurately sight it in for airsoft.
    Lastly, there's a black 3 point tactical sling I picked up from Airsoft Shop

    Purchased new in 2001 Sold it in 2003 to help finances.

  • The Marui MP5 A4. Used it for a few years and decided to get into a project gun.
    Installed high torque gears to replace the flimsy stock gears. I may have added an M100 spring
    but I don't really remember. Also had the Scope mount and tac light which I later added to my
    SG-1 MP5.
    Bought new in 1998. Sold it in 2000 to pay for project gun.

  • The Marui FN P90. Bought new for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY from a place in Canada (about $350!).
    My suggestion to all of you who want to buy the latest AEG when it's first released...
    Wait! Wait a month or two, then buy a gently used one. Or new, just wait untill the price drops!
    The P90 is a nice piece, but the high capacity mags SUCK big time and don't work well
    at all. This is too bad as EVERY OTHER ASPECT of the P90 is EXCELLENT! I guess if you want
    to use a P90 in a game you need to cary like 10 mags (at about 60 rounds/mag). Some people
    do it, so there is a way to overcome minor problems.

    Converted it to the TR upper receiver (Traded a guy the red dot P90 upper receiver on a new TR body)
    , and added a SUPER long length internal barrel with HUGE suppressor/barrel support. Added an external
    fabric shotgun shell holder to hold an external large capacity battery. Also added bearings and an
    M100 spring. Very accurate and great power for such a small weapon package.

    Oddly enough, this gun had the same length internal barrel as the HK94 I built, and yet the overall
    length of the weapon was easily a foot shorter! Gotta love those bullpup style guns!

    Sold it in 2002 to pay for another project gun.

  • Marui MP5 SD5. Was a basket case MP5 A4 that I converted with OEM Marui parts
    after rebuilding it internally.Worked fine when sold.

  • ICS MP5 A3 Converted to an MP5A5 with the lower from the A2, and then finally into my
    MP5 SG-1 style replica.

  • ICS MP5 A4 (Converted to an A2 with the 'SEF' style lower receiver) converted to an HK 94
    with the barrel adapter and outer barrel kit. Also added long length internal barrel and Socom
    style suppressor to hide part of the long internal barrel. Really nice gun, accurate, shoots well.

    Sold it in 2003 because sadly I never used it, and to offset costs on the Pulse Rifle.

  • Marui M1A1 Thompson. The first one I owned was destined to become a Pulse rifle. Converted it
    by adding a GWII metal stock and barrel set, then ran into money problems. Story of my life. :)
    Sold it in 2001 I believe. Restarted the project with a new Thompson in 2002.

    I've never had any major problems with either the M1A1 Thompsons (Owned 3 of them since they were released),
    or any of the MP5 series guns. Both work ok right out of the box. Gears on the MP5 series seem to fail
    faster than others, but over all I've had good luck with them, and I can't say enough good things about the ICS
    guns either. The issues you hear about the ICS and Classic Army guns are usually in the 1st and second
    gen guns. All the ICS guns I owned were second gen. I never had any problems, and from what I hear the
    Third gen MP5's are just fine. Of course, if you want to avoid any potential issues... go Marui! ^_^

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