About This Web Site...
Last updated: November 17, 2002 12:26 PM (CST)

What It's All About...

This site is mainly a showcase site to share my hobbies with all of you out
there on the web. It's not a bragging page, where I say "Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya,
I got stuff and you don't!"

Where possible, I share my personal insite into
the given topic, weather it's about classic arcade games, replica movie props
or any of my other hobbies.

If you have a question about something, feel free to ask.
If something on the page doesn't work, or if there's a bad link, please let me know.
If you have a link that relates to my hobbies that you feel should be there,
let me know and if I agree, I'll add it to the links page.

And as always, thanks for visiting my web site!


A note concerning the images on this site...

Most (at least 98%) of the images on this web site are my own, photographed
or otherwise created by myself. There are however a few images here and
there that were created by other people. These images include...

If you own one of these images, and wish me to remove them, I will.
If you'd rather I set the images as a hot link to your web site, I'd be happy to do so.
Just feel free to e-mail me any concerns you may have.

Best Regards,


All images, unless specified, are Copyright 2002-2006 Rookscastle.com.